Polaris Benchtop Microscope

Single fiber inspection
Multi-fiber inspection
PASS/FAIL verdict
Scratch detection
0.2 µm defect detection
Industry standards
High-resolution system

Polaris is a high-end benchtop microscope for visual inspection, analysis and certification of single and multi-fiber optic connectors in production and laboratory environment.

It was designed for critical examination of the polished fiber end faces and may serve as a reference system to check inspection results of lower resolution microscopes on the production line.

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MPO inspection with Polaris Benchtop Microscope

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Maximum contrast and resolution for accurate inspection

Check your single and multi-fiber connectors for the finest defects as small as 0.2 µm in diameter and scratches as small as 0.4 µm in width.

Fully automated movement along MPO connector endface

Let the system move from fiber to fiber and keep track of fiber numerical order by itself. No manual manipulations, no guesswork about the fiber number, no missed fibers.


Minimize operator’s actions to just one click.

User-friendly software

Easily get a Pass/Fail result, manage inspection criteria and navigate through inspection results.

Detailed information on anomalies

Use your inspection results as a reference for lower resolution microscopes on the production line.

Kit Contents

Polaris system includes:

For inspection of multi-fiber connectors and ferrules, order PLR-F-XX fixtures.
For single-fiber inspection, Polaris is compatible with MAX fixtures used with Sumix interferometers. Suitable fixtures can be chosen at the Interferometer Accessories page.
Order optical connector cleaners together with a microscope.



Field of view:
d=0.4 mm
Inspection field:
6.4 × 6.4 mm (due to automated movable x/y stage)
Defect size detection:
0.2 µm
Optical resolution:
0.69 µm
Effective optical resolution:
0.56 µm (according to MTF calculations)
Camera resolution:
0.21 µm/px
1320× Calculated for 24’’ screen (1920 × 1080)
automatic / manual
Focusing range:
± 3 mm
Light source:
royal blue LED, 530 nm
Camera type:
digital, USB 3.0, 5MP
Sensor type:
monochrome, 2592 × 1944, 1/2.5’’ CMOS
Live image:
14 fps at 2592 × 1944
Data transfer cable:
USB 3.0, detachable
Power source:
12 V AC adapter
Dimensions (H × W × L):
125 × 154 × 200 mm (4.92 × 6.06 × 78.74 inches)
4.6 kg (10.14 lbs)
Operating temperature:
+5 to +35°C

PC System Requirements

Operating system:
Windows 10
For viewing measurement results:
Microsoft™ Excel® 2010 or higher
Recommended configuration
Minimal configuration
Intel Core i5 or higher
Intel Core i3
4 GB
2 GB
Video card:
Any with 24 bit True Color
Any with 24 bit True Color
Hardware interface:
Intel integrated USB 3.0 Host Controller.
At least one USB 3.0 port for connection
Intel integrated USB 3.0 Host Controller.
At least one USB 3.0 port for connection
Hard Drive:
1 Gb or more
1 Gb
500 Mflops or more
400 Mflops

Sample Images