OCTOPUS 2 Robotic Interferometer

OCTOPUS 2 Robotic Interferometer
MIL connectors inspection
White light
Robotic repositioning
Scratch detection
Traceable calibration
Industry standards
Connects to tablet or laptop

Sumix OCTOPUS 2 is a handheld robotic interferometer designed for maintenance inspection of multi-termini fiber optic connectors (MIL-DTL-38999 style and similar) installed inside an aircraft or marine vessel.

The OCTOPUS 2 uses a multi-axis motion system to scan the 3D surface and measure geometry parameters for each terminus of a fiber optic connector automatically.

Stationary connectors can now be inspected inside patch-panels, server boxes, and other optical-network units without being dismantled for inspection.

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OCTOPUS 2 in Use

Octopus 2 in use

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Inspection of MIL Spec connectors in 3D

Ensure reliability and accurate performance of a critical connection by checking not only fiber end face anomalies, but also a 3D surface image and geometry parameters like radius of curvature and fiber height of each terminus.


Automated multi-axes repositioning and focus control

Simply connect the unit to a fiber optic connector and get each terminus measured one by one without any manual manipulations.
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Compact handheld form factor

Inspect stationary optical connectors in areas or locations with limited space such as aircrafts, ships, different vehicle platforms and other.

Dimensions (H × W × L): 97 × 110 × 176 mm (3.8 × 4.3 × 7.0 inches)


Minimize operator’s actions to just one click.

Large range of focus

Inspect mounted connectors on site - in patch-panels, server boxes, and other optical-network devices.

Industry-leading MaxInspect™ automated inspection software

Measure radius of curvature, fiber height, etc. Enjoy easy and modern interface, no special training for technicians required.

Interactive 2D and 3D surface profiles

Rotate, zoom, scale images to explore surface details.

Convenient test results management

Retrieve the report for any connector, filter or examine the statistics any time.

Factory calibration with NIST traceable standards

Be sure in accuracy of your measurement results.



Measurement technique:
non-contact; Michelson interferometry
NA = 0.09
green LED (530 nm)
Field of view:
D = 1.6 mm
Area covered:
Y, X-axis motion: ± 12.5 mm
Optical resolution:
3.2 µm
300× (the digital zoom turned off)
Focus range:
6 mm
Maximum image size:
2592 × 1944 px
Connectors inspected:
multi-termini MIL-DTL-38999 and other MIL style and harsh environment connectors


Measurement mode:
white light
Scanning and calculation time:
Measurement time may vary depending on computer performance and connector end face shape.
10 sec sec for a terminus,
1 min on average for a 6-termini connector.
Measurement Range:
ROC (mm): 1 to flat
Fiber height* (μm): more than 1000**
* Difference from the highest and lowest points of the scanned object.
**<100 µm available by default. >100 µm - for special connectors/tasks (software adjustment required).
Repeatability C.F.*:
* Values were calculated from 30 consecutive measurements without interaction on connector between measurements (connector fixed) and represent one sigma value.
ROC: 0.9%
Fiber Height: 0.8 nm
Repeatability C.R.*:
* Values were calculated from 30 consecutive measurements with removing and inserting connector between measurements (connector reloaded) and represent one sigma value.
ROC: 1.2%
Fiber Height: 1.1 nm

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (H × W × L):
97 × 110 × 176 mm (3.8 × 4.3 × 7.0 inches)
1,3 kg (2,86 lbs)


Power supply:
external, USB 3.0 cable, 12 V DC power adapter

System Requirements

Windows 10
Intel Core i7
4GB RAM or higher
Built-in Intel USB 3.0 controller
Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher

Kit Contents

Octopus 2 interferometric system includes:

  • Octopus 2 interferometer
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • AC adapter
  • Stand
  • Case
  • MaxInspect™ software license

Two years of warranty.

Adapters should be ordered separately. The current range of available adapters includes the adapters for inspection of:

  • MIL-DTL-38999 connector, Series III, shell size 15, receptacle, socket insert and pin insert;
  • MIL-DTL-38999 connector, Series III, shell size 25, receptacle, socket insert and pin insert;
  • MIL-DTL-38999 connector, Series III, shell size 25, plug, socket insert and pin insert.

Other adapters can be added upon customer’s request.

Sample Images

Sample report in PDF format