Integration Tools

Sumix MaxInspect™ software provides the following tools for integration into customer’s manufacturing systems:

  • Export of results to Excel/CSV files;
  • Direct connection to customer's SQL database;
  • MaxInspect™ WebSocket API;
  • Centralized MaxInspect™ database.

Main benefits:


The simplest integration instrument is export of measurement data into Excel/CSV formats. While MaxInspect™ uses internal object-relational data storage, results can be transformed into plain tables and exported into Excel or CSV files. Those files can then easily be read and imported by other software systems.

Direct Access to SQL Databases

MaxInspect™ provides a possibility to save results into external databases. Now MaxInspect™ supports direct connections to PostgreSQL, MySQL and to MS SQL through ODBC. Other types of DBMS can be added by request.

Direct connection implies that a customer already has a database with known relational structure. MaxInspect™ provides a special script configuration tool that allows mapping result attributes to relational table fields and writing data to database with SQL queries.

MaxInspect™ API

Other applications can control the measurement process using MaxInspect™ API. Customer's software can initiate the measurement, providing such parameters as connector id, result name. When MaxInspect™ finishes the measurement, it sends back the result.

MaxInspect™ API is quite flexible due to WebSocket API that is used as the base communications protocol. MaxInspect™ API is configurable and scalable, it can be used locally or over a network.

MaxInspect™ API is now available in version 1.3.0, its further development is driven by customers’ requests. More details on MaxInspect™ API are given in the technical description.

Centralized Database for MaxInspect™

Centralized MaxInspect™ database is Sumix solution that allows gathering results from different workstations into a central storage. Centralized DB gives a wide range of possibilities to query and analyze measurement data.

The feature will be provided upon customer's request and will be customized according to specific requirements.

Main benefits