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Sumix, 3532 Seagate Way, Suite 100, Oceanside, CA, 92056, USA
Tel.: +1 (877) 233-3385
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  • Industrial Interferometers

    to control the quality of single fiber
    and multi-fiber connectors, ferrules and bare fiber

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  • Digital Cameras

    with software development kit for industrial and scientific applications

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  • Hand-held probes

    to inspect fiber optic connectors for defects
    and contamination

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High resolution industrial interferometers to control quality of single fiber and multi-fiber connectors, ferrules and bare fiber.
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Digital cameras with software development kit (SDK) for machine vision, robotics, medical imaging and other industrial and scientific applications.
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Hand-held probes to inspect fiber optic connectors for defects and contamination.
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OFC, March 21-23, 2017

Sumix will demonstrate its product portfolio at OFC 2017 in Los Angeles, California. It will be possible to see Sumix test equipment at booth #2811 shared with our partner Senko Advanced Components.

Sumix Offers Testing Solution for MT16/32

July 1 2016

At OFC 2016 in Anaheim Sumix demonstrated a solution for testing new multi-fiber MT16 and MT32 connectors. Sumix MAX-QM interferometer coupled with a special fixture performs geometry inspection based on IEC 61754-7-3 standard.

The solution is a must-have for MT16/32 ferrule production lines and MTP/MPO-16/32 connector assembly lines.

Contact for getting more information about the system.

Press Release

Sumix Releases Next Generation MAX Interferometers

Fiber Optic Technology Leader Introduces High-Speed USB 3.0 Devices

May 8 2015

Oceanside, California, USA - May 8, 2015: Sumix Corporation today announced the official release of Sumix MAX™ Series Interferometers, the first USB 3.0 Interferometers in the market. Continuing in the tradition of calibration-free, highly reliable, industry-standard measurement devices for fiber optic connectors, the new MAX devices are the fastest ever released by Sumix. These devices are now available for purchase to the general market.

The MAX series of devices are capable of testing single-fiber patch cords and pigtails, bare ferrules and bare fiber, MT ferrules and MTP/MPO patch cords. These interferometers follow in the footsteps of the highly successful SMX series of devices, and offer improved fixturing for easy connector insertion. MAX also delivers the inherent speed advantages of USB 3.0, while still offering the high-resolution and high-contrast optics that made SMX a popular choice by the fiber optic industry. Coupled with Sumix MaxInspect™ Software, Sumix MAX Interferometers promise to take fiber optic connector measurement to new levels of ease and accuracy.

"Sumix has always been focused on providing innovative solutions to the fiber optic industry," said Dr. Farhad Towfiq, President and CEO of Sumix Corporation. "MAX devices continue this legacy with the highest measurement quality, ease of use and industry-leading testing speeds."

The MAX series embodies the Sumix philosophy that using a high-tech device does not need to be a time-consuming job performed only by engineers. Sumix strives to make this technology accessible and simple to use, while retaining the technical complexity inherent in the function of such a device.

For more information on the new MAX devices, or any other Sumix Corporation products, you can email us at

3D Scratch Detection Implemented

Jan. 13 2015

Sumix has introduced 3D scratch detection function and integrated it into MaxInspect™ interferometric software. Now you can test the connector end face geometry and detect surface defects in a single scan. The report generated by the software will show both geometry parameters like Apex Offset, ROC etc. and scratches and defects tested up to the latest IEC standards. This totally eliminates the need to test patch cords on a desktop microscope and reduces polishing and assembling time by several times.

Scratch detection

Scratch detection is implemented for both single fiber and multi-fiber patchcords. Check with about this great MaxInspect™ software update.

USB Foot Switch Now Offered as an Interferometer Accessory

Jul. 23 2014

For our customers’ convenience, a USB foot switch can now be used to trigger measurement in interferometer software. This time-saving feature will help to boost productivity when testing large connector batches. Contact for a quote or more details.

SMX-Scopio Probe Upgraded with a Test Button

Apr. 17 2014

Sumix has released SMX-Scopio-B - a modification of Sumix digital inspection probe, featuring the external test button. This ergonomic design ensures easy one-hand operation, faster and more convenient process of testing connectors. Contact for a quote or more details.

Hummingbird Software for ARM-based Embedded Systems Becomes Available

Sep. 1 2015

USB 3.0 SMX-15M5x cameras can now be used with small embedded computers or boards equipped with ARM processors (like ODROID XU3). SMX-15M5x Software Package for ODROID XU3 is available at the Downloads page.
If you'd like to use SMX-15M5x cameras with another ARM-based PC please contact us at  .

Hummingbird Cameras Tested on Windows 10

Sep. 1 2015

You can now use Hummingbird cameras on PC and laptops with Windows 10 OS.

Linux Driver for Hummingbird USB 3.0 Cameras Released

Jun. 26 2015

We're very excited to announce that users of Linux OS can now benefit from Hummingbird USB 3.0 cameras. To download the latest camera application, driver and SDK for Linux Ubuntu 14.04., please visit the Downloads page.

Extra-Long USB 3.0 Cable Added to Camera Accessories

May 26 2015

Wider range of applications become available with industrial-grade 8-meter passive cable that now can be bought with Hummingbird USB 3.0 cameras.
It enables to easily overcome USB 3.0's distance limitation for machine vision applications and eliminates all concerns regarding cost, reliability and restrictions of active extenders. Buy extra-long USB 3.0 cable in Sumix Store.

Educational Institutions Get a Special Discount for Hummingbird Cameras

May 7 2015

Sumix has started a promotional campaign for institutes and universities, offering Hummingbird USB 3.0 cameras at a 10% discount off the current list price. This special offer is aimed to provide a reliable and affordable imaging solution for scientific projects in many areas including physics, chemistry, life sciences.
The discount is applicable to the first order of any Hummingbird USB 3.0 cameras placed by an educational institution by October 1, 2015.
To learn more or to place an order, contact   .

Sumix Presents Hummingbird Series of Cameras

May 1 2014

Sumix launches Hummingbird USB 3.0 camera series: ultra compact, super fast, and thanks to the unibody aircraft grade aluminum housing, lightweight and robust. High resolution sensors from 1 to 16 Megapixels and a high data rate up to 400 MBytes per second make the Hummingbird cameras especially well-suited for use in multi-camera systems and 3D applications. Hummingbird cameras are also the ideal choice for embedded systems due to their lightweight and compact design. The first two models of Hummingbird series are already available for ordering: SMX-15M5M (5Mpix, monochrome) and SMX-15M5C (5Mpix, color). Order online or contact for details.


Current Version of Software

Use the same software application for Interferometers and Inspection Probes - MaxInspect™, version 1-1-146.
Please contact or to get the latest version of MaxInspect.

New release of Hummingbird USB 3.0 camera software is now available

Download and try the new software release for Sumix Hummingbird USB 3.0 cameras.
What's new:

  • Real time Auto Tune (Exposure and Exposure+Gain)
  • Frames Averaging function
  • Recording Frames sequence
  • More SDK examples


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3532 Seagate Way, Suite 100, Oceanside, CA, 92056, USA
Tel.: +1 (877) 233-3385, Fax: +1 (508) 300-5526
Support and assistance:

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About Sumix

Sumix┬ádesigns, develops and manufactures high-end test equipment for fiber optic industry — interferometers and inspection probes,
industrial USB 3.0 cameras, USB 2.0 cameras and Gigabit Ethernet cameras.

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