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MAX-Quantum is a high-end automated interferometer for inspection of single and multi-fiber connectors of MTP/MPO, ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, E2000 types as well as MT, MT-RJ ferrules in a single scan.
MAX-Quantum provides simultaneous end-face geometry inspection, anomalies detection, guide hole parallelism and angles measurement.

This interferometer features high optical resolution, autofocus and a large field of view with the ability to test 16 fibers per row.

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Features and Benefits

High resolution 2D and 3D surface profiles

Explore surface details as small as 1.47 μm.


Minimize operator’s actions to just one click.

Combined anomalies detection and geometry testing

Speed up inspection and increase work efficiency.

New! Compatibility with innovative Side+Front View fixtures

Overcome cable tension and ferrule positioning uncertainties in MTP/MPO measurement and control additional parameters - guide holes parallelism and angles. Learn more

Fast measurements

Measure single fiber connector in 1.4 second and multi-fiber connector as quickly as 7 seconds.

Ergonomic fixture design

Save time with easy ferrule/connector insertion and fixture handling.

Modern and portable design

Make high quality measurements in the field.

Industry-leading MaxInspect™ automated inspection software

Measure radius of curvature, apex offset, fiber height, core dip, etc.

Compliance to industry standards

Test per IEC, Telcordia or your own Pass/Fail criteria.



Measurement technique:
non-contact; Michelson interferometry
NA = 0.22
green LED (530 nm)
Field of view:
6.0 × 4.4 mm
Lateral resolution:
1.47 μm
200× (the digital zoom turned off)
auto and manual
Maximum image size:
4096 × 3000 px
Best suitable for connectors/ferrules (PC and APC):
SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, MTP/MPO, MT16/32, MT-RJ, MT, SMA


Measurement mode:
phase shift and white light
Scanning and calculation time:
1.4* sec (single fiber)
7** sec (MT12)
* 50 MHz, standard connector
** 50 MHz, MT12 connector with small X, Y angles
Measurement time may vary depending on computer performance and connector end face shape.
Repeatability C.F.*:
*Values calculated from 30 consecutive measurements without interaction on connector between measurements (connector fixed).
ROC: 0.9% (MT12); 0.04% (SC/APC)
Fiber Height: 0.8 nm (MT12); 0.1 nm (SC/APC)
Angles: 0.005 deg (MT12); 0.0002 deg (SC/APC)
Apex Offset: 0.04 µm (SC/APC)
Repeatability C.R.*:
*Values calculated from 30 consecutive measurements without interaction on connector between measurements (connector fixed).
ROC: 1.2% (MT12); 0.05% (SC/APC)
Fiber Height: 1.1 nm (MT12); 0.4 nm (SC/APC)
Angles: 0.01 deg (MT12); 0.006 deg (SC/APC)
Apex Offset: 1.0 µm (SC/APC)

Recommended Environment

+20°C… +24°C
700 – 850 mm mercury
5 – 75%, non-condensing

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (H × W × L):
181 mm × 213 mm × 117 mm (7.13 in × 8.39 in × 4.61 inches)
4.8 kg (10.6 lbs)


Power supply:
external, USB 3.0 cable, 12 V DC power adapter

System Requirements

Windows 10, Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Intel Core i7
4GB RAM or higher
Built-in Intel USB 3.0 controller
Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher


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